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$ 24,580.00
$ 24,580.00

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This Hg2Sb207 liquid is no Radiation, can be used in the natural laboratory.
Type: Red Mercury
Chemical formula: Sb2O7Hg2 = 2Hg0+Sb2O3+O2
Molecule: 200.6×2+2×121.8+7×16 = 756.8g/mol
Quality: Fluid
Purity: 99.9996%
Color: Cherry red
Density: 20/20
Melting point: -37.50°C
Boiling point: 350.73°C
Level of gamma radiation: 0.44-0.64
Reaction with K: 0.00015-0.00016
Reaction with P: 9.000-8.000
Ebullioscopic constant: 0.062
Freezing temperature: 1.024°C
Hardness after Rodsem: 0.768-0.794
Densitometric density: 20 in reactor

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